Essentials Summary Tool (EST)

The Essentials Summary (EST) will assist you to identify the extent to which an Essential(s) has been developed in the subject you have chosen, and can help to highlight any work that remains to be done. 

A summary version of the Essentials Summary Tool 2015 – Table Only is available in PDF for viewing or downloading.  After viewing this tool, click on the ‘back’ arrow at the top left of the viewing page to get back to this page.

Here download version of the EST in word that will allow you to fill in the tables:

Essentials Summary Tool EST 2015 in Word

 A final re-draft of the Diagnostic Tool, once the Essential(s) is/are fully embedded, can also be used as evidence for endorsement of the subject as containing the Essential(s). For the subject to be fully developed and endorsed, you need to compile evidence from the revised subject guide and other sources to show how the elements from the Essentials definitions are expressed in the subject description, ILO’s, student learning activities and assessments. (Please see Appendix I for Essentials Definitions).

Most of the information required for the EST will come from the existing (or revised) Subject Learning Guide (SLG). For Assessment Tasks, there may need to be descriptions of what the Assessments develop in relation to the Essentials, beyond what is evident in the SLG.

If you want to take a more staged approach to reviewing a subject for the extent that it contains an Essential, and plan for further development of the Essential in the subject, you might want to use the Review and Plan Tools for each of the Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs), Student Learning Activities (SLAs) and Student Assessment Tasks in the subject – see Review and Plan Tools in a separate section of the Toolkit.

As you complete the EST you will be collecting evidence that will assist you to document why the subject you are working on should be recognised as containing an Essential(s) on the Course Information Management System (once this is in operation).

EXAMPLES of how the EST has been applied to subjects are shown below – these can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the name. To return to this page, click on the back arrow.

Science Subject Example for Sustainability Thinking – Essentials Summary Tool               (Note that this is an earlier version of the EST – called the Diagnostic Tool – this varies in some minor details, but the overall way of using the EST is the same):



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