Why Essentials Are Useful


For Students:

One of the reasons for learning through the Essentials is to equip students to think and respond beyond conventional boundaries, to foster adaptable thinking and the capacity to apply knowledge and skills in real world contexts, where solutions are rarely simple, and in a future that is as yet unknown to us.

Students will experience learning that is more directly relevant to them and their lives and the employment they are pursuing – at the same time with ideas, information and issues that are major themes of our time.

Students will benefit by getting a broader and more well-rounded education. Essentials promote interdisciplinary learning, even within disciplines shaped by strong boundaries.

In the real world, what a professional is require to do doesn’t exist in a discipline bubble, so subjects that include the Essentials promotes student learning that leads to a better understanding of the reality their future employment, and how their current University learning relates to this.

This type of approach leads to deeper learning and increased engagement, bolstering the quality of student learning experiences and increasing retention.

For Staff:

Staff who contribute to development of, and teach in, subjects containing the Essentials are more easily able to raise their profile within the institution.

Staff who contribute to the Essentials are a direct and identifiable part of the renewal of learning and teaching at La Trobe – this includes increased recognition from ‘above’

Essentials are one area where staff contributions to learning and teaching can be recognized through teaching and learning awards.


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