Procedures for Essentials

The Essentials Draft Policy was accepted by the La Trobe Education Committee in November, 2014 – awaiting confirmation by La Trobe Board of Studies.

Click here to see the La Trobe Essentials Draft Procedure Nov 2014. Click the back arrow top left to return to this page.

In summary, the Procedure sets out:

How an Essential is Defined

The Definition is defined in Schedule A of the Procedure. Click here to see the formal Definitions of Essentials– use the Definitions for Staff.  Click the back arrow top left to return to this page.

Who oversees Endorsement and Governance of the Essentials

Education Committee will be responsible for endorsing any definition of the Essentials and the criteria by which any subject can claim to be teaching one of the Essentials.

Education Committee may audit any subject claiming to teach one of the Essentials at any point in time.

Who gives Approval for Essentials in Subjects 

Colleges will determine whether an identified individual subject is designated as teaching and assessing one or more of the Essentials as part of the normal subject approval process using published criteria set by the University.

What the Criteria for Approval Are

There must be clearly identifiable content, ILOs, assessment and activities relating to an Essential, for a subject to be considered for endorsement as an Essentials subject.

An Essential within a subject should normally be assessed to include at least one major assessment task, and with Essentials-related assessment accounting for no less than 25% of the final grade.

Normally a subject approved as teaching and assessing an Essential would address only one Essential

How the Essentials Need to be Included in Courses and Who is Responsible

In generic courses where there are few if any core subjects, courses may need to embed at least one of the Essentials in a subject within each major to meet the minimum expected requirement.

In structured courses where most if not all subjects are core, courses will need to embed all Essentials within core subjects to meet the expected requirements.

Co-ordinators of courses … will review course structures to ensure and enable students to undertake each of the Essentials during their course of study.

What Advice will be provided to Students about the Essentials

Students enrolling in courses … will be provided with consistent advice of the University expectation for all students to complete subjects which teach and assess each of the Essentials during their course of study, and why doing so will be of benefit to the student.

What the overall Requirements are for Graduation

There is an expectation by the University that students enrolled in courses specified in the scope of the La Trobe Essentials Policy will be required to complete each of the Essentials before graduation. This will be achieved through a combination of core subjects, subjects within Majors and/or elective options.




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