Policies & Strategies for the Essentials

The La Trobe Essentials are set out by policy and strategy documents at various levels. These include:

  • Essentials Draft Policy
  • Future Ready Strategy 2013 – 2017
  • La Trobe Learning & Teaching Plan

Details of these strategies and policies, and how they relate to the Essentials, are outlined below.

Essentials Draft Policy

The Essentials Draft Policy was accepted by the La Trobe Education Committee in November, 2014 – awaiting confirmation by La Trobe Board of Studies.

Click here to see the La Trobe Essentials Draft Policy Nov 2014. Click the back arrow top left to return to this page.

In summary, the Policy sets out:

What the purposes are of the Essentials:

“to foster the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to become future ready in the workplace and the wider world. ”

What courses the Essentials apply to (i.e. scope of the policy):

  • All Bachelor degree courses
  • All Bachelor-Bachelor double degree courses
  • All Bachelor-Master combined degree courses
  • All campuses

What the Essentials requirements are of students and courses :

“All students undertaking courses within the scope of this policy will be provided with exposure to each of the Essentials in identified subjects at least once during their course of study. In those identified subjects the Essentials will be explicitly taught and assessed.”

“All courses within the scope of this policy will include ‘Essentials’ within the core subjects of the normal course structure. This may be within the core of a major. Where it is not possible to include each of the Essentials within the core subjects of a course, they must be made available through elective studies.”

How completion of the the Essentials by students will be reported:

“A statement about the Essentials will be included on the Australian Higher Education Graduate Statement (AHEGS).”

Who is responsible for implementing  the Essentials:

  • Course and Subject Coordinators
  • Associate Pro Vice-Chancellors (Coursework)
  • Heads of School

Who is responsible for Monitoring Implementation & Compliance:

  • College Board
  • Education Committee
  • Programs Committee

The Essentials Policy is enacted through the Essentials Procedures and Essentials Guidelines.

Future Ready Strategy 2013 – 2017

The Essentials are identified in the La Trobe University Strategic Plan 2013 – 2017 (Future Ready) in overall University objectives:

“We will lay claim to selected areas of teaching and research which address issues fundamental to the future of human societies and their environments. “

and overtly in the section on Learning and Teaching:

“La Trobe Essentials:  These will be required features of all La Trobe coursework degrees, either embedded in the curriculum or as required subjects, that will ensure the La Trobe graduate is equipped with the skills and knowledge that can be applied in the workplaces of today and tomorrow. Through the La Trobe Essentials, our students will address major current social, economic, technological and political issues and be able to adapt and apply their learning to the challenges of the future. “

The development of the Essentials is directly linked to increasing the recruitment, retention and quality of learning experiences of students:

“To achieve … growth [in student numbers] while maintaining entry standards commensurate with a world-class university, we will become more appealing to high-potential students (measured by ATAR scores or by other means); will increase the proportion of these students in our commencing cohorts; and will attract a larger share of these students state-wide.”

This is also linked to La Trobe’s renewal and marketing strategies, which includes being:

Sustainable and ethical: We will continually enhance our intellectual, physical and financial resources so that future generations of scholars and students can continue the advancement of knowledge for the public good. 

This is a bold vision for the University that seeks to return La Trobe to its radical beginnings, but reinterpreted and refreshed in a modern context.”

La Trobe Learning & Teaching Plan

The La Trobe Essentials are further elaborated and defined in the La Trobe University Learning & Teaching Plan 2013 – 2017.

A key focus of the Learning and Teaching plan is the development of  La Trobe’s Distinctive curriculum: The La Trobe Framework:

“We want students to choose La Trobe because our distinctive and high quality degrees will best equip them to understand and engage with the global issues of today and embark on the most interesting and rewarding careers available. Our graduates will be ‘work ready’, ‘world ready’ and ‘future ready’

La Trobe Framework … will emphasise breadth of learning and systematic exposure to the major challenges students will face over the course of their lifetimes.”


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