GC Resources

GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP – a project website that provides excellent examples and resources related to Global Citizenship Projects.  To use this fully you and your students will need to create an account – Link to the website  the actual link:  http://www.globalcitizen.org/


Globalizing the Curriculum: How to incorporate a global perspective into your courses – by Frank Louis Rusciano.  Association of American Colleges and Universities.  http://www.aacu.org/publications-research/periodicals/globalizing-curriculum   Frank Louis Rusciano is professor of political science and director of the Global Studies Program at Rider University USA
This article provides some excellent advice regardless of whether your subject is in the humanities or in the hard sciences.

Rhoads, R., Szelenyi, K. (2011)“Global Citizenship and the University:Advancing social life and relations in an interdependent world” Standford University Press, Palo Alto http://library.latrobe.edu.au/record=b2697949~S6
Summary:With the increasing integration of global economies and societies, the nation-state is no longer the sole force shaping and defining citizenship. New ideas of “global citizenship” are emerging, and universities, which are increasingly involved in international engagements, provide a unique opportunity to explore how fundamental understandings of modern citizenship are changing…”  A nice summary of what Rhoads and Szelenyi refer to at the Conceptualizations of global citizenship

Jones, E. (2013) “Internationalization and employability: the role of interacultural experiences in the development of transferable skillsPersistent Link: Public Money and Management.p. 95-104.  Abstract:This article identifies the alignment of transferable skills developed through international experience with those sought by graduate employers and argues the value of domestic intercultural contexts for similar learning. It is essential reading for world-wide universities, policy-makers and academics, offering key pointers for policy and practice”

Useful Links for broadening curriculum

Human Rights in Australia – http://rightnow.org.au/  This Website provides some useful links to a range of global and local topics that might prove to be useful resources.


A Different Sky – A 2014 joint project between La Trobe International and La Trobe Student Theatre and Film. Written and Directed by: Catherine Simmonds.  This is a A deeply personal play that gives voice to the challenges, fears and successes of international students in Australia.   link to an ABC Report:  http://shar.es/1mhA6l

Prof. James Arvanitakis (bio: http://jamesarvanitakis.net/about/) provides an interesting and engaging presentation on globalization:http://youtu.be/24_7Ki87-c0

TedX talk – Carlo Strenger – The World Citizenship Project.  Talks about the broader “tribe” beyond narrow world views and the value of developing a cosmopolitan identity. http://youtu.be/mArgTetQzd8  16 mins   2012

TedX talk – Tanya Schultz – “How does one become a global citizen?” – http://youtu.be/A4XF8GCXYtM this talk provides some ideas and influences that can open minds to broader world views.  17 mins.  2012

Elspeth Jones, Emerita Professor Leeds Beckett shares her perspective on the link between global citizenship and employability


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