Example: Global Citizenship Essential – embed in a Business subject

A first year core business subject .

Subject Coordinator, Nicole El Haber describes the context of the subject
Here is a link to a summary of the subject :Case Study_BUS1BUF_ready
Subject Description (the subject now highlights the Global Citizenship Essentials)
This subject will introduce students to how businesses operate today in a local, regional and global environment and how they may need to operate into the future. Students will engage actively with current business issues, focusing particularly on the impact of external and internal environments on businesses and individuals. In addition, this subject is designed to develop students’ critical thinking and creative problem solving with a particular focus on management, marketing and human resource practices. Students will also examine and address contemporary social issues drawn from various organisational and cultural contexts
Nicole then explains how she embedded the Global Citizenship Essential into the curriculum:


As a result of embedding the Global Citizenship essential into the Business Foundations Subject there were changes that were needed to be made around the Intended Learning Outcomes, the assessments and the learning activities.
Nicole was asked what she observed in how the students reacted to the embedded global citizenship essential, she explains how the students were beginning to demonstrate the global citizenship characteristics of respect and adaptability:


 Nicole was then asked how the global citizenship essential was actually taught in the subject:
So she explains that the learning activities were designed to develop the attributes that directly related to the global citizenship characteristics and these were aligned to the assessments and the intended learning outcomes.
She was then asked to share her perspectives on what she felt were the personal long term benefits to students, having engaged with the revised curriculum where global citizenship was not only highlighted, but it was taught and assessed.
 Adaptability was particularly notices and this leads into her final comment on the general benefits of the La Trobe Essentials in terms of preparing students for not only a local employment market but a global market.



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